Various heat exchangers for various worldwide industries


Since 2009, WuXi JiuShengYuan Science&Technology CO.,LTD is setting high standards for its staff, associates and its raw material vendors.

We present a wide range of products in every plate fin heat exchanger category: Air Coolers, Oil Coolers, Water Coolers,Combo Coolers, intercooler, aftercooler, radiator. Design flexibility is a must for customers requiring product solution for a broad variety of applications associated with Radiators, Intercoolers and Plate Fin type products suited for a broad range of applications, within a vast array of configurations.


With 15 years' experience within various facets of the heat exchange industry, Jiushengyuan is the leading designer and manufacturer in China, which specializing in developing and custom design and niche products, with the emphasis on heat exchanger products based on quality, diversity and competitive pricing. Having many years working within service and manufacturing, Jiushengyuan's mission is to understand both customer and market requirements with high quality production and design capabilities to provide the ultimate product solution. Please browse our products catalogue, for any expression of interest in our product range, or if you require a particular product not listed, please fill out the“CONTACT US”form and provide the details of the products to be reviewed for development.