Extended from wuxi jiusheng heat exchanger co., ltd.’s business, jiusheng heat exchanger company was launched and is now focusing air compressor cooler and heat exchanger.

Jiusheng Oil Cooler
Jiusheng manufactures two primary types of oil coolers: oil-liquid heat exchangers and oil-air heat exchangers.

Oil-liquid heat exchangers:

Jiusheng's oil-liquid heat exchangers are compact in size, resulting in significant weight savings. Compared to conventional oil coolers, these heat exchangers typically exhibit reduced oil pressure drop.

Jiusheng offers oil-liquid heat exchangers in various shapes, commonly cylindrical or rectangular, and they are often designed as cartridges that can be inserted into a shell. These heat exchangers are widely favored in highly competitive domains such as auto racing, aerospace, military ground vehicles, and numerous other applications. Jiusheng's microtube oil-liquid heat exchangers are a specific type of liquid-liquid heat exchanger, sharing similar attributes with oil-liquid heat exchangers.

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Oil-air heat exchangers:

Jiusheng's oil-air heat exchangers provide several advantages over conventional plate-fin designs, including:

The microtube oil-air heat exchanger from Jiusheng demonstrates exceptional resistance to fouling on the airside, making it highly valuable in harsh environments. Jiusheng's microtube oil-air heat exchangers deliver excellent thermal performance, comparable to their radiators. When considering equal frontal areas, air flow rates, and specified heat transfer, Mezzo's products typically yield a 30-40% reduction in air-side pressure drop across the heat exchanger. Similar to Jiusheng's radiators, the microtube oil-air heat exchanger is highly resistant to foreign object damage (FOD).


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